Formlabs Printer Form 2

Formlabs Printer Form 2

Form 2

3D Printing for Digital Dentistry

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The Form 2 is the new standard for professional-grade desktop 3D printing, available now

Bigger Prints, Incredible Resolution
With a 40% bigger build volume, and a 50% more powerful laser guided by custom precision optics, the Form 2 is capable of large prints with spectacular detail.
Improved Print Process
The Form 2’s new slide peel mechanism and heated resin tank creates a reliable process for a range of prints: from solid parts to intricate details.
Automated Resin System
The Form 2’s new resin system automatically dispenses materials based on the size of your prints. This means you can print big parts without pausing for refills.
Connected Printing
The Form 2 comes with wireless connectivity and a touchscreen display. Now you can upload over WiFi manage your queue, and receive notifications when your prints complete

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The Form 2 brings powerful 3D printing to your dental business. Its speed, precision, and compact footprint make it perfect for dental practices and labs. With the Form 2, you can easily and reliably produce precise surgical guides, retainers, aligners, and more.

Now, dental professionals can move from a digital model to a 3D print at a quick turnaround and an affordable cost. The Form 2 improves patient care by enabling mass customization of dental appliances. It takes as little as 15 minutes to get set up and start printing.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Improve patient experience by combining intraoral scanning, CBCT imaging, and the Form 2. This powerful workflow lets you integrate imaging data in dental software to design precise appliances and plan procedures for better clinical outcomes.

Produce In-house
Bringing production in house gives you more control over the fabrication process, faster turnaround time, and lower costs. Digital workflows require less manual labor and time than traditional methods.

Work Smarter 
Our library of Standard and Biocompatible Resins enables a broad set of dental applications —all powered by the same machine



Dental Model Resin

DentalModelResinDesigned for crown and bridge models with removable dies, Dental Model Resin is a high-precision, high-accuracy resin. Print crisp margins and contacts within ± 35 microns, and removable dies with consistently tight fit. A smooth, matte surface finish and color similar to gypsum make it easy to switch from analog to digital model production




Dental SG Resin

dental-overview2x.jpg.680x383_q80_crop-smartAn autoclavable, Class 1 biocompatible resin, Dental SG is designed for printing precise surgical guides and similar devices. Learn more about the verified performance of SG material here





Standard Grey Resin

dental-grey-media-card2x_vjCz88j.jpg.680x383_q80_crop-smartThe smooth matte finish of standard Grey Resin shows details exceptionally well. It is ideal for a variety of dental applications, including orthodontic, diagnostic, and educational models, as well as for vacuum-forming aligners or other appliances. When used with a clear separator, Grey Resin can also be used to make retainers.

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