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The new 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator inspires patients with visual results!

Posted on January 17, 2019 · Posted in News & Events

The 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator is now available with the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral scanner at Dental Axess!

The 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator, allows you to show your patients the envisioned results of their orthodontic treatment in advance! Compare the current dentition with the desired results directly on screen and in realistic colors. With this new technology, you not only let the patient see the direct change, but also increase the acceptance of the treatment.

The 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator allows you to connect with almost 50 orthodontic treatment providers. After the simulation, the TRIOS scan can be sent to any laboratory or treatment provider for both clear aligners and braces.

This function is already included in your license fee! Contact the Dental Axess Support Team to upgrade to the latest software version.

Benefit of the 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator:

  • Direct integration and communication with your patient
  • Increased acceptance of the recommended treatment plan
  • Efficient and productive exchange with various treatment providers and laboratories

A dental service that brings a smile on not only yours, but your patient’s face!

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