The 3Shape TRIOS Patient Specific Motion now available at Dental Axess!

Posted on January 17, 2019 · Posted in News & Events

The 3Shape TRIOS Patient Specific Motion enables to record the patient’s articulation – Pure Precision!

With your 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner and the new TRIOS Patient Specific Motion Tool, you can now take both static and dynamic pictures of the bite movement. The TRIOS Patient Specific Motion, scans and records your patient’s real articulation. The technician is able to then perform restorations and orthodontic treatments based on the patient’s articulation.

Benefit of the 3Shape TRIOS Patient Specific Motion:

  • More precision through dynamic recording of patient’s articulation
  • Better fitting restorations
  • Function is already included in your license
  • This function is already included in your license!

Contact the Dental Axess Support Team to upgrade to the latest software version today!